I've seen a lot. I've heard enough. I've been here and there. But i still dont know life...

pondělí 18. dubna 2011

Passion, obsession

Music i recently listen to :

Tame Impala : Desire Be Desire Go
Anisakis : Dead TV
Crooked beats  : How does it feel ?
Dirty blondes : And be alright
Dub tractor : Sorry
Parov Stelar : Matilda
Genius mess poets : Sharlote
Larrikin love : Six Queens
Lydia Lunch : Atomic bongos
Petting Zoo  :  Trip with Vonnegut
Radio Birdman  :  New Race
Richard Hell & The Voidoids  :  Love comes in spurs
Stiff little fingers  :  Alternative Ulster
The Dickies  :  Give it back
Toy Dolls Geordie´s gone to jail
The Distillers Hall of mirrors
Lollipop Shoppe  :  I´m gonna be there
The Muffs Sad tomorrow
The Own roadies  :  God Sucks
The Paddingtons  :  Some old girl
The Saints  :  (I´m) Stranded
Vice Squad  :  Stand Strong Stand Proud
Violent Femmes  :  Prove my love
Swimming  :  Tigershark
Wavves  :  Post Acid
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers  :  Chinese Rocks
The Adverts  :  No time to be 21
Paddy and the Rats  : Drunken Sailor
Sonic Youth Sugar Kane
The Damned  Neat neat neat
The Pan I Am  :  Fire Dance
Broadcast  Corporeal
Crass Walls
The sea and cake  :  Weekend
Spinnerette  Borderline
The Rabble  Seeking
Airfare  Martyrdom
Anti-flag  Turncoat
Descendets  Silly girl
Dropkick Murphys  Walk away
Flogging Molly  Swagger
NOFX  Leave it alone
The Pogues  Dirty old town
Ramones  The Crusher
Social Distortion  Ball and Chain
The soft pack  More or Less
Adolescents  Amoeba
Dead Kennedys  :  Holidays in Cambodia

 ........................................... and many others ....

Music is my life ! if you want to recomend me something - feel free. Becouse i still feel like i´ve got nothing to listen to.... And thats frustrating....

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