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pondělí 21. června 2010

Ride of your life

uh what a speed, man
i can feel the adrenalin in my vains
i´d love to speed it up like him at least once in my life

i was actually about to ride down the wild river at the weekend somewhere in the mountains here in Italy with my "friends" friends ( i have known them only for a week or so and they already asked me if i wouldnt go to Ibiza the weekend after - watch out : with a privat plane! ..how crazy is that ! ).
Anyway, that plan failed becouse of one totally fucked up guy. He was suppose to drive us up there but we found him laying on the couch next morning totally over drunk and over drug , shaking as hell and sweating like a pig, mummling some shitnonsences.
That was the worst real scene of my life so far.

So somehow.... im not sure if  i am for Ibiza.



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