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pondělí 31. května 2010

Exile on Main Street

The Rolling Stones are reissuing their 1972 album Exile on Main St in a super-deluxe edition complete with 10 new tracks, a documentary DVD "Stones in Exile," with footage from "Cocksucker Blues," "Ladies and Gentlemen--the Rolling Stones," as well as a vinyl record, and a 50-page collector's book with photos from the Exile era (also, one if their finest in style for all the fashion lovers). The album was recorded in the the South of France in Keith Richards' basement, and finished at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles thanks to the Stones' mobile studio (other notable bands who recorded with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio include Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, and Fleetwood Mac among others).

Check out one of the Stones' new songs "Plundered my Soul" off the special reissue

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