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pondělí 3. května 2010


im just sitting in a lobby of one pragues hotel , checking the news, a bit relaxing and waiting for the american crew im working with these days .... im making some tv commercial for Macys / second time / and its really lovely to see whole team again... Some of the fellows are here for the first time so we were planning to do some sightseeing and try a czech beer and food ... they are super excited ...and me too ... they are so fun...

and so as i was browsing through internet, i found these lovely pictures from BABY BABY BABY magazin / have to say it belongs to one of my most favorites/ ... i guess its Eliza Cummings ...

and i have to post this article as well :
They're girls whose style is their individuality and clothe are viewed as a [simple] compliment, to that style. An enhancer, not a definer. A rough edge is about them and their beauty is to be discovered. Pealed off, layer by layer to reveal the seven layers of beauty. A beauty that is deeper then skin deep and more of an aura and human notion. They're free, and loose, and defiant to the norm. Opulence behooves them not, as does freedom and a sense of achievement. They want to be what they are, and they want to do what they know they ought to do, and be. It's a different ought all together. It's the ought of knowing what you're put here to do and what you ought to do to figure out that one thing, or two or three... They're trouble and excitement, and fun, and life. There is also another side to them, which we wont get into that here.
your Bee

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