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úterý 30. března 2010


The festival known as "Woodstock" because it originally planned to hold him in the town of Woodstock in Ulster County, but the city is not suitable territory for such an event, for fear that arrive more than a million spectators.The event almost broke down, but Sam Yasgur persuaded his father, Max, to allow a concert at the family-owned field, located in Sullivan County, about 40 miles southwest of Woodstock. Although the show was planned for a 200,000 visitors arrived more than 500,000, most of them without tickets. A highway in the direction of the concert was overcrowded. People abandoned their cars and go walking several miles to get to the show.

on the way to Woodstock

During the festival 3 people died: one from a heroin overdose, the second was shot down by a tractor fell from the third highest construction and has been 2 unconfirmed birth. The festival has identified a number of landmark events - the end of an era hippie, the beginning of Sexual revolution.


In 1970, was released a documentary film «Woodstock. Three days of peace and music », won in 1971« Oscar  

on the vid : Bert Sommer
on the pics below : the band at Woodstock


what a pitty i missed the 40th anniversary which took date of 15th of August 09 and was held in White Lake,NY. Unfortunatly i didnt know about it .. But hopefully next time - i should start to save money eheh. For our shame it never will be the same as in the 69.

the atmosphere in 69

without sound

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