I've seen a lot. I've heard enough. I've been here and there. But i still dont know life...

neděle 7. března 2010


''I found somebody. She's amazing. If i dont get to be with this person, I am fucked. I can't carry on, she is totally trasformed my life : I have a job, i have a flat ...means nothing. I can't stand it. I have to be with her, becouse if i dont, im gonna end up in some bedsid, i'll be alcoholic, i love itchy trousers .... I CAN'T ... I can't walk the streets anymore ...That's how women feel about shoes ! ''              
                                                                                                                              Dylan Moran
Alexander Wang

I used some speech of Dylan Moran from Monster , becouse it absolutly fits to what i feel right now about these pair of shoes. Ugh

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