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neděle 14. února 2010

Call it SWEET HOME ?

im back home ( and again the same rooms, the same boring and stupid so called friends, snow, plenty of time created for doing nothing .. oh how i really missed it. :-/ )
the flight was pretty ok, the saying good-by part wasnt. I was almost in tears ... i hate meeting people who you know you will see just a while and  who you absolutly fell in love with . Thats the bad side of modeling. You are never with the ones you want to be. You come and go.

Everybody comes and goes.

Nothing and nobody is forever.

Thats what gets me into depression.

But thankfully i am still lucky that i meet GREAT people on my jurneys. I had sooo good time in Athens and To you, who made it this special , want to thank you.

( soft kralicek a mrtvy kralicek, kukulka, nippel suckeeeer, the old lady who rarely comes out and wearing socks with sponge, Edo, ''jesus loves you'' DJ,  rabbit sex conversation, greek salad, Taskeee, '' i wanna scream MALAKA into somebody's face before i leave'' , puca pipa . . . atc.)

sometimes i want to be this little child again.
have no fears and no problems
feel free, run up and down, climb the trees, bleed all around, do silly things
not to deal with anything
just be

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