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sobota 29. srpna 2009

Its time for London

Those were days spent with my very best friend in London.

Hell...we simply fell in love with london..its so magnificant city full of beauty and nice people. Well, we have to say it wasnt easy for us, becouse we decided not to go by tube at all and go everywhere by feet... Never do that , ok ? especially if you're NOT used to walk 20km per day up and down a thousend times... hehe... but its not that bad in fact - you have more to explore, actually. You walk throuth the most unpossible streets you can imagine .

Damn, i miss LONDON 

2 komentáře:

  1. ....:) I miss London too.... so much... its really cute and friendly place... Last time I hate cities but London... NEVER.... and I miss time what we spent together in London.. especially walking..:D

  2. very beautiful...i love the last photo best and you girls look beautiful.