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pondělí 11. května 2009

My plans

Hello there...
My school attendance is finishing and this leads me to think about my future plans ... what do i actually want to do after? ... Holidays months are ahead ... Obviously, i applied for some universities but im not sure if i really want to continue now. I found myself thinking more about travelling than studying . Even if i pass any of my 4 application ( which is probably not gonna happen haha ) i wont go there . It sounds maybe silly but studying doesnt mean everything to me.
Soooo my ideas and wishes are running inside my head . And this is what im thinking of :

* Go to London ( which is for sure )
* Meet many of my friends i havn't seen for ages
* Visit New York
* Go back to Tokyo for a month or two
* Do photography - but firstly i need to buy some good camera ( any suggestions ? )
* Read finally whatever i want
* Find some place to live - well alone or with Zuzu
* Buy a pet - probably a cat
* Try things i couldn't try so far ( im not going to write what exactly the ,,things'' includes haha )
* Find a good man - adventurous one
* Travel and see unfamiliar places all around the world ( is it really so dreamy ? )

... Well i guess i could write my wishlist for ever becouse there are so many things out there i wanna do ... I cant even put it on the paper or say it loud.
In every second i get another idea but these i wrote are most important for me , i think ...

So hopefully i'll be able to make my dreams ( ideas, wishes .. whatever) to come true .

Have a good rest of this day


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